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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's! (this time from Jen)

Some of my favorite Dove Promises wrappers (click to enlarge) is Valentine's Day. This isn't going to be a sad post, though! Some of you already know that means the anniversary of when my mom died. If you're looking at the big picture, that's not what our blog is about, and I don't mean to drag anyone down by being sad; I know I have been talking about her a lot lately because it's been on my mind even more than normal. However, you also may know from one of my recent posts (you know, that little ditty where I spilled my guts and revealed everything that's ever made me insecure!) that my mom is one of the biggest inspirations I have to love myself. She was that inspiration while she was alive, and she tried SO HARD...she is still my inspiration from beyond, and it actually clicked more, unfortunately, after she was gone. I have always thought it was strangely appropriate that she died on the day of love - because my mom was my first love. She was the first person ever to love me...and the first person I ever loved. :) Her love is pure, true, and unconditional. I've been handling it okay today and am reflecting more on the happy memories.

People are still running across the aforementioned post and leaving comments today...and I just had to say that not only does it cheer ME up on this bittersweet day to read those comments, but it is also a way that you're unknowingly honoring my mom!! She and I are helping encourage some of you as a That's a really powerful thing for me. I know it would make her feel awesome to know that purpose comes out of my pain. I think she does know it!

I also wanted to share the card I gave my hubby for Valentine's Day. He is so respectful of my grief and still gives me little things to show he's thinking of our relationship on V-Day too. I found this card last month and had to get it because it's so wonderfully narcissistic. I also wrote a note in it on the left side, but that's personal. ;) I plan to share more about him in the future...but for now, I just have to say that I got SO lucky finding a guy with such a good heart, personal integrity, everlasting patience, and some of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. (If you're reading this...I LOVE YOU.) I once gave him a list of 100 things I love about him, and it was so easy to fill them all out!

Wanna leave you with some inspirational things. However you feel about V-Day, and whether you're single or not, pleeeeease remember to love yourself! There are tons of resources to help you do that. Our blog, the things below, and many more are available to convince you that you're worthy of having a healthy, high opinion of yourself. Refuse to dwell on your singleness and remember that there's a reason for're forming yourself right now, getting ready for new things to come your way. :)

Have you ever wondered, (insert your name here), why most people have less trouble with walking and not falling down, talking and making perfect sense, and breathing without stop, than they do with dieting, finding love, or getting rich?

Of course not, but it wouldn't be a bad idea.

It's because with walking, talking, and breathing (which, incidentally, are infinitely more complex than the latter), they engage the magic with intent and expectation, twitch a few general muscles to get things started, and then, with faith, they turn the rest over to me.
In the second group, they try to do it all themselves.

I rock like that,
The Universe (from

If you're going, "Wha?!" - my reason for posting this is that your ability to achieve self-love CAN become as natural as breathing. It just takes practice, like anything else, as well as expecting it to happen. Unless you have a bad cold (like me), you don't wonder every day if you will just do. So stop wondering if you can feel good about yourself or when it will happen, and just start finding ways to do it.

P.S. If you need some makeup ideas for going out (or staying in - wink) tonight, here's mine!
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