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are you one?


...if you're so vain that you think our site is about you. (It is!)

...if people who think they're perfect annoy you because you know you really are.

...if you think your good deed for the day is not to make others feel intimidated by you.

...if, when you just don't have time to primp, you rationalize it by 
saying it's your prerogative as to how hot you want to look on any given day.

...if you have mastered the fine art of holding the camera out to face you to take a perfect, centered pic of yourself (or are secretly lusting after the new cameras with the extra view screen on the front!). insist to sit in the passenger seat rather than drive so you can leave the mirror down to admire yourself and the gorgeous makeup that you just put on because you know you look amazing. (by Amanda N. * CONTEST WINNER!*)