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about us/mission

So what is this all about?

What started out as an idea for a fun site for people to express their "narcissism" quickly morphed into a sort of self-love journey-guide.

We always joke when we get together about how beautiful, brilliant, and wonderful we are because it's fun and makes us feel good. We thought it would be fun to make a site where other people like us, who are generally shy about it in person, would feel comfortable expressing it online. 

But we quickly realized there is a need out there for something that is real and fun when it comes to helping girls and women develop more self-love. It doesn't have to be all serious, all the time.

There are other self-love books, blogs, and courses out there, and we think they're all great! But we've come to realize that we have something to add to this movement. A story only we can tell. A unique approach you probably won't find anywhere else. But it's not us vs. them. We believe all these resources together will propel you on your journey.

We're just grateful if we can play any part in helping you shift to a perspective of more love and appreciation for yourself. For what you look like and who you are inside as a person. Because we don't think it has to be either/or. Every woman wants to feel beautiful. We don't pretend the physical aspect doesn't exist, and that's why we do fashion and beauty posts too. But we also want to nurture the inner workings of your subconscious to show you how very worthy you are. We do this largely based on our own life experiences, which you will probably find you relate to on many levels. So while sometimes we just have fun, sometimes we really delve into some heavy stuff...but that heavy stuff is where you start to become more aware of the messages you've been telling yourself. And that's where the real change occurs.

We also design and make a line of necklaces that promote self-love. We felt this was the perfect way to tie in the inner-outer beauty philosophy and also to have tangible things to remind you to love yourself.

Why the name "The Closet Narcissist"?

Because it's a little tongue-in-cheek, fun, not too serious. It's obviously a play on the psychological term, but for us, it actually represents the shyer girls who are either a little insecure or who feel confident but don't know how to express it and are, therefore, "closeted." But pretty much all types of girls and women can benefit from a self-love journey.

We don't mean "narcissist" in the traditional sense of the word either. Our brand of narcissism is really just a healthy self-love and being able to come out of hiding with it.

We think it's perfectly fine, encouraged even, to fully realize how awesome you are and not feel you have to apologize for it! So even when you can't muster up the nerve to outwardly display it, you can come here and tout yourself in our "closet."

We as women are taught from a young age to be humble and not to appear as though we think we're as incredible as we really are. We think that philosophy needs to change. We need to get back in touch with the kind of self-love we owned as children before life or adults taught us otherwise.

It's not really about being conceited; it's about celebrating yourself, inside and out, because you know that you are capable of doing and being anything you want!

We haven't mastered anything, for the record...we're on this journey with you. Although we've learned some really valuable things along the way that we share with you, this journey is a daily act of consciousness to love ourselves. Like anything, you have to nurture it to keep it alive. It's not something anyone achieves once and they're done.

Who are we?

She's my friend because we both know what it's like 
for people to be jealous of us.
- Cher, "Clueless"

Jenarcissist and KameraWhore are our alter-egos. Emphasis on the "ego." *wink* We like to call ourselves the Narcissisters because we're practically like sisters. Jen and Kam are our real names. And the quote above is just us being silly again.

Jen is the main blogger, but Kam pipes in from time to time...just look at the bottom of each post to see who wrote it.

We're both married, 30-something moms of one kid each and several cats and dogs. We've been friends since we were painfully shy 12-year-olds who found each other in Ms. Thompson's class and never looked back. We are always competing with and copying each other - when one buys a new outfit, the other has to have it; when one gets her hair cut, the other is bound to follow soon. Jen and her husband even got married at Kam's house.

Jen is a graphic designer and writer. She has a precious toddler daughter who keeps her on her toes and inspires her to love herself even more to be a good example. A bad first marriage and the untimely death of her mom ran her through hell but left her on the other side with a burning desire to stop letting fear hold her back and a sense of gratefulness. She can't get enough makeup and clothes; it's sort of a problem. She has three tattoos whose symbolism mean the world to her. She lives in the city and wishes Kam did too.

Kam is a teacher and artist. Her daughter is a pre-teen - gasp! - and is lively, inquisitive, and showing signs of being confident in herself. Like Jen, Kam lost a parent at a young age, her dad, which has shaped her in many ways. Her specialties are finding deals when shopping and brainstorming brilliant ideas for things. She's married to a tough guy who's actually pretty sensitive underneath. She has one super huge tattoo all along her rib cage that she proudly received in one sitting. She lives in the country and wishes Jen did too.

Join us in the "closet" as we explore and celebrate our inner narcissists!

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