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Saturday, October 22, 2011

My baby girl is here!

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

New belly pics - 38 weeks

KameraWhore (a/k/a Kam) came over today to take some belly pics of me. I'm 38 weeks along now (out of 40)! It was just what I needed, truly. I hate to say it, but I have been feeling so frumpy and puffy the last couple of weeks...I felt like I had lost my pregnancy glow and was just kind of down on myself. It happens to most women toward the end, I think, because you're so uncomfy. Except for the belly...I LOVE MY BELLY, and that never changed. :) When she first got here, I just didn't know if I'd like any of the pictures we'd end up taking (no reflection on her skills). But when I looked at the pictures she took, I realized it hadn't gone anywhere at all. I think I've only been feeling that way because of the swelling and the lack of clothes/shoes that fit anymore. But seeing the pictures makes me feel like the most beautiful pregnant woman in the world again. She's a very talented photographer in addition to being one of the best friends I could ever have. And regardless of how I feel about my appearance, nothing matters except that soon my baby daughter will be here in my arms.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Karaoke Night with the Narcissisters

You didn't know the Narcissisters were also awesome singers in addition to just being plain awesome, did ya?? hehe My birthday was a couple months ago, and the gals took me out a-karaoke-ing, so we thought we'd share! I had never been before, and the place we went to was really neat. It was a place with private rooms (so no embarrassment) and mics that make you sound good. They played funny, random videos on the screen that had nothing to do with the songs. We spent about 3-1/2 hours there! I highly recommend it as a confidence-booster!! No joke. If you actually watch the whole video of us singing, you are a super devotee. ;) I apologize in advance for the chafing reference. lol "Two Best Friends Singing About Two Best Friends."

Jen, Bonnie, Kam, and Alana
You can tell we didn't know this song very well...