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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Makeup, makeup, makeup!!!!!!!

I got this awesome haul from e.l.f. for a steeeaaaallll when they were offering 60% off the other day! Many of their products are only $1, and I don't think anything goes above $5. I've been buying cosmetics from them for years and am almost always impressed by the quality, especially for the price! Big review to come soon...which leads me to this.

I found an article online the other day with this opener:

There are beauty junkies and then there are…Beauty Junkies. Hillary Kosofsky, a 54-year-old nurse in New Jersey, has a serious jones for makeup and hair products. She walked us through her $30,000-plus beauty stash and revealed how it grew. And grew. And grew.

She brings up the point that she thinks she partially has this addiction due to feelings of insecurity and thinking that more, more, more will make her look and feel the way she wants to. (More here: A Beauty Addict Spills Her Secrets.)

Now, ask anyone...I have a LOT of beauty products, especially makeup. I've never counted anything. But it is at least contained in one of those plastic, four-drawer organizer things...and there is also stuff I keep in my purse, of course. Lip products are in the lead (mostly glosses, though I am really getting into lipstick again lately), followed by eye makeup, followed by face products (mostly anything with the words "shimmer" and "highlighter" in the name, as I find that extremely hard to resist). I did used to buy and buy makeup all the time, and I think part of it was an effort to transform my self-esteem, but mostly, ohhhh, how I just love the colors and the shinies from an artistic standpoint, and makeup is FUN. I've always been obsessed with it since I was a very small child watching my mom put hers on. But I am not the kind of gal who can't leave the house without wearing it either. I used to be, but no more - that's kind of a sad way to live. Due to becoming more secure in myself as I get older (who says nearing 30 is bad?), being on a budget, and just trying to be smart about it, I did at some point decide I was only buying new makeup if it was something I'd been using and ran out of or something unlike anything else I already own. e.l.f. makes it a little harder when they have a big sale and are already so cheap to begin with! But I still mostly stuck to my rules. Today, I put as many of the different things on my face as I could, and frankly, I'm surprised I'm not rolling around in the products on the floor!

Which brings us to the much is too much, and when does it become a problem??


Chantel said...

that was too generous from ELF, I got a mini haul too from them during the sale...

Jenarcissist said...

I know!! It was too good of a deal to resist. What did you get??

Taryn said...

I just got some elf stuff at Target the other day and I am very surprised at how decent the line is for the price :)

littleireland said...

Q. How much is too much?
A. When you aren't happy with yourself if you do not have it.

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