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Monday, May 24, 2010

Glamour iPhone app review - Ask a Stylist!

We discovered Glamour magazine's iPhone app where you can submit outfit photos and get a stylist's suggestions on it or even submit two outfits for them to pick their favorite for whatever occasion you're headed off to. So we each submitted a photo of ourselves to test it out! We chose the same stylist, Samantha Bynes from True Religion jeans. I really liked her personal style description. We both got some good suggestions from are screen shots of our experience. All in all, I really like this app, and it's neat feeling like you have a personal stylist at the ready anytime you need some help tweaking an outfit. They get back to you almost immediately, and there are several stylists to choose from.

Here's Samantha's style bio:

Here's the photo and question I submitted:

And here's her response:

While I don't wear real leather, I do like the texture variation of manmade to add interest to an ensemble. Loved her suggestions.

Now it's KameraWhore's turn!

Here's the photo and question I submitted:

And here's her response:

Alright, well, firstly, I'd like to say that I was roughing it on the day I submitted this picture, so I was especially interested to read her ideas! I like the idea of a denim vest, but I can't help but wonder if it would be too much denim. I do like the laid back, hippie feel, though, that it might evoke. I would have to see the pieces together. The layering of necklaces sounds like a good thing. I tend to stay away from yellow gold, but maybe the pop of color would be a good thing against my pale skin :), or would it not?

I must say, this little program is quite the confidence booster! I can be a skeptic at times, so I had to do some tests to check the validity of the "Ask a Stylist" app. The responses are fairly quick, and I wanted to see if it really was a human on the other end. I sent in a couple of random pics. The first was of my daughter in her neon yellow safety patrol vest (yes, she's super cool, and we know it!). Stylist Samantha's response: "Cute photo :) You look good enough to stop traffic!" Priceless. The next was of my husband, VainShane, standing shirtless in our living room. I thought I would really stump Sam on this one! Her response: "Cute'll look awesome and super hot!" Umm, okay, way to blow up his ego. But really, he'll love that, and if it makes him feel good about himself, then the app is a total success! In fact, it might just be time for me to submit another pic...
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