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Thursday, February 2, 2012

OUTFIT: Channeling Rashida Jones on "Parks & Rec"

I recently scored two new things from one of my very favorite etsy shops, Miskabelle. One of my new finds is a really cool 70s cardigan, which I'll feature soon in an upcoming post, and the other is the maroon and green button-up shirt you'll see below that I got for 15 bucks. The night after I ordered the shirt, I happened to turn on the TV to "Parks and Recreation," and Rashida Jones was wearing a very similar shirt. I got so excited that I had to pause it on the TiVo and take a picture of the screen. Fortunately, I found a better image on the web site. The episode is where Amy Poehler is campaigning and does a bowling night, and this is what Rashida's character wears to bowling:

I got my husband to do a little outfit photoshoot for me, and I've finally realized what the trick is to turning him into a good photographer: he just needed his own iPhone. lol I admit I felt kind of selfish as a new mom doing it until I thought about it. He was wearing our baby, so she was in the wrap, outside, and being walked around - pretty much her favorite things, and the dogs were running around in the yard with us. Everyone was happy. I am trying to remind myself that it wouldn't have been selfish anyway. But I am still struggling with that a little. Now if I could just finish this blog post...

I always feel validated style-wise when I buy something from Miskabelle because Jayme and Amanda are really stylish gals who have a true eye for unique but wearable fashion (not to mention a really interesting and stylish blog with loads of outfit ideas). I honestly feel like if something is in their store, it passes the style test, and I don't even have to think about it. Then when I saw a similar shirt on the gorgeous Rashida, I felt even more stylish.  

I decided to first do the outfit somewhat similar to Rashida's. I don't have brownish pants like that (I think they are brown - ?) or a gray cardigan...or bowling I improvised with my gray hoodie, trusty Heidi Klum maternity jeans (good thing I like them; I will still be wearing them for a while yet, methinks), and my also-trusty tall boots. I feel like I take blog pictures in these jeans and boots all the time. But they just seem to work with everything. I like layering and wanted some extra length, so I used a white lace-trimmed tank. I like this outfit for its casual feel. It's very fall-ish. Goes well with our unraked yard even though it's winter. ;)

You are looking at my necklace...right?? ;)
And now my spin on it to add some color and pep – or prep? – it up a little. This teal cardigan is also becoming somewhat of a trusty piece for me. You've seen it before, and you'll see it again. It's soft and lightweight, and the shape of it goes inward at the waist just so and really flatters your shape, and I always feel  good in teal.


Do you also notice the little details of what characters are wearing on TV? I have several outfits and other things that I share with characters on "Raising Hope," one of my all-time favorite comedies, and my baby has two outfits and the bouncer seen on recent episodes of "Parenthood." I'm constantly noticing things we own from IKEA on shows. Is it just me, or isn't that really validating to your sense of style? Not that much matters besides what you think yourself, but it's still kinda neat to say, "Hey! I have that!"

Plaid shirt: Miskabelle (I got some of my vintage maternity wear from them too.)
Jeans: Heidi Klum for Motherhood
Lace-trimmed white tank: who knows
Boots: a bargain from Ross a couple years ago
Gray hoodie: Target last year
Teal cardigan: Target a couple months ago
Bottlecap confidence necklace: Us! (Get yours here.)
Headband: another coveted creation by Garlands of Grace