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Monday, January 30, 2012

What a "babe!" hehe

My baby learned real quick where to look when the camera was pointed at her. Now where did she get that from?! Actually, it's probably more the shape and movement that attract her attention. (She's also pretty into ceiling fans and her mobiles and anything else that moves.) She is so irresistible with those chubbalicious cheeks o'hers. She lights up every moment of my life!

I thought it would be fun to showcase some of her "message" onesies that definitely fit the vibe of The Closet Narcissist. You gotta start ingraining self-confidence when they're young, right? This is all tongue-in-cheek, like all our narcissism, of course. (Does me explaining that take the spark out of it? Hmm.)

Onesie from Auntie Kam #1...
Onesie from Auntie KameraWhore #2. Of course...who else?!!
This one was a gift from Daddy. haha I kept trying to get a picture of her smiling, but I ended up going with this one because it kinda looks like she's got an attitude that goes well with the outfit. ;) She's about 3.5 months old now - I can't believe how much she has changed comparing this photo to the others when she was about 2 months.
And here are some other pictures just for fun.  She really can out cute ANY of you bitches. heehee

We were having a little too much fun with iPhone's reversible camera and playing copycat.
The fun trompe l'oeil ballerina socks for me were a lovely surprise gift from my friend Ally of Shybiker. I realized my daughter had similar socks and of course had to get a picture. Wook at her tiny widdle feets!!
My lil love and me. She gets more and more wonderful each and every day!