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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Bird's the Word

I'm not sure about how I put this outfit together. But I decided to post it anyway. Learning to be more self-confident is a multi-faceted deal (that's why our blog covers different kinds of topics and not just one), and this is part of it!

I saw this bird dress at Forever 21/XXI and fell in love. I have a real thing for birds. I've never had one as a pet but am enthralled with the shape of them...their skinny necks, round bellies, and their wiry widdle wegs and feets. It's the trend now to wear a belt-over-a-cardigan-over-a-dress, but I've always felt like that looks weird on me, even with a narrower belt. So I tried it with the belt on the inside as well.

I was wearing my baby while I was shopping, as usual, so I didn't try it on; I just grabbed it and bought it. When I got home, I saw it had a huge tear in one side of the skirt. The material is sort of flimsy to begin with and isn't sewn that tightly. Fortunately, I hadn't removed the tags and was able to exchange it for a non-torn dress. But you can guess what happened the very first time I wore it out somewhere:

I'm thinking of either sewing it back with some kind of reinforcing fabric behind the seam or leaving it as a slit but hemmed on the edges. Sounds silly, but I just really love the dress.

While on that same mall trip, I'd seen this fabulous stretch belt at Know Style for only $10. It reminds me of one of my mom's from the 80s. I didn't know for sure if I'd get it until I saw the bird dress; I knew it would be perfect with it! I felt sooo stylish with this epiphany. Although I have to say, it looks much better with it in person than in the photos. I had a surprise after getting the belt home as well: a label saying it may contain lead and not to mouth or chew it. I know it was only $10, but good grief! Lead?!

I always seem to find that photos can wash out an outfit without enough accessories, so I thought, "I'm gonna go all out with this one!" Not so sure that was the right choice. I feel like it all looks a bit much. Maybe it should be either the belt or headband but not both? Or is it just the cowboy boots that cause the whole thing to be over the top? I wanted to be different from my go-to brown boots, but I think they just work better. In addition to trying different boots, I thought I'd try it with my orange cardigan as well to be different, sans belt. But I don't think it works as well. Not bad but not great.

Just curious what your thoughts are - what works and what doesn't? 

Do you ever feel really cute in something and then get disappointed about it when you see pictures? Should that matter?

P.S. If you have the song "Surfin' Bird" in your head from the post're welcome. Cuz it never fails to make me cackle.