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Saturday, January 8, 2011

How to be More Confident

Doh! Anyone know the original source for this image?? It's in several places on the web.

I came across this blog entry today by Liparazzi. Everything in it is spot-on, and I had to share it with you! 8 great tips on fighting the lies in your head and working toward more......


I have had a couple of emails recently about confidence, more specifically, how to become more confident. I thought I would do a post on it and open it up to all of you guys since insecurity or being unsure of yourself is something that we all experience at some point. Some people are born confident, it’s just a facet of their personality but I don’t believe that anyone is 100% confident, 100% of the time. It’s something we all have to work on throughout our lives and it’s integral to our happiness. Feeling bad about yourself or the way you look can really hold you back in life and it can prevent you from achieving your goals and experiencing some pretty wonderful things. You could be missing out on a great guy, the perfect job, wearing the clothes you want to wear or being the person you always wanted to be. So why not make today the day you start to give yourself a break, start believing in who you are and start enjoying your life to the max!

Click here to read the full entry.

Beautiful, just beautiful. (Kinda like YOU!!!)


Shybiker said...

Confidence is essential for all of us to nurture because it facilitates everything else good in our lives. With confidence, we dress better, look better, interact better, etc.

I applaud your efforts to foster it. You and your website are positive social forces.

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

We are grateful for all your support. Our wish is for even one person to change how they view themselves for the better! And have fun along the way too.

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