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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everything's comin' up roses!

(I made the collage w/ the Diptic iPhone app.)

We finally got through all the snow and ice here - though there is still a bit left here and there that hasn't melted. Today is just cold and rainy. And there's nothing I like more on a cold and rainy day (when I can't just stay home on the couch and watch movies, that is) than to dress like spring!

Kam and I went to Target on Sunday and picked up these $5 rose-patterned tights. Aren't they shabby-chic-a-licious??! I love them. I paired them with my pink ModCloth shoes, which I wore in my wedding.

My Shabby Chic brand umbrella came from Target years ago. The little makeup bag is something I saw a while back on Zoella, and as soon as I saw how lovely it was, I HAD to have one!! It's so girly and sweet. It looks like a vintage postcard. It's from the Paper Plane series from Disaster Designs. I found mine on eBay.

And to add to all this pretty, feminine loveliness, we are now offering our handmade necklaces with your choice of 1) a little silver charm surprise or 2) a sweet little colored rosette - for FREE!

The little flowers won't fit on all the designs, so that's where the charms come in. Consider the girly cuteness level raised!! (You can also still get them unadorned if you like.)

Y'all, my entire house used to be decorated like the photo collage!!! It was dollhouse heaven. Sigh. Here's a pic of my old bedroom. My husband didn't wanna live in a dollhouse, and I guess I can't blame him! ;) But I sooo loved it.

And if that's not enough roses for you, here are two of my most coveted lip products. I have some type of weird allergic reaction to certain lip products, and I have yet to narrow down the ingredient that causes it. But I am safe with these two and love them. They leave a pretty finish that is slightly pink-tinted, and they smell rosy-posey and lemony, respectively. 

(Photo edited with the LoMob iPhone app.)

Rosebud Salve used to only come in a tin, which is really pretty but not always convenient if you can't wash your hands, so I love the squeeze tube. Fresh's Sugar Rose Lip Treatment is expensive - $22.50 for the full-size tube!! - but it's SPF 15, and I'm not allergic, so they sort of have me backed into a corner! 

Hope you're all enjoying your Tuesday. And even if you have yucky weather outside, you can make it come up roses too!


Ashley said...

That little clutch is awesome! And wow @ your old bedroom. I'm going to have to show my mom. She'd love it! It's totally not my style, but I'm impressed nevertheless!

I enjoyed reading your response to my post "10 reasons why I stopped following your fashion/style blog." I love all the perspectives I've been hearing on the issue lately. I, too, actually kind of like when someone suggests I "check out" their's friendly and non-threatening, and I usually do as they ask and sometimes find some great blogs along the way.

Shybiker said...

I love those tights and the old bedroom is my dream-home. You have such adorable girly taste.

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

Our house still has plenty of florals (I didn't wanna give up my whole style, nor would he have made me!), just not so much pink...but I'm saving all the old stuff for a future daughter's room! :) Hope I have one, and hope she likes pink! lol If not, I'll make me a flowery retreat room all for moi. Thanks so much for the nice comments, y'all!!

@Ashley, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my comment...after I posted it, I thought, "Wow, this is long!" I'm definitely one of the wordiest people I know and sometimes feel torn on the blog between saying what I want to say and being so long-winded that people's eyes glaze over! :) But maybe that's why I prefer blogs that have a good word-pic balance, like both yours and Shybiker's.

nesha said...

awww, so many pretty pictures!! I LOVE the rose printed tights! <3

Ashelle said...

I adore Sugar lipbalm. It's so great and I think worth the price. Thanks for stoping by my blog and leaving a very sweet comment. It means a lot to me. One day I hope to see what others do.

I will be sure to drop by again :) I love the dollhouse theme... I have a spare room that I want to style like that. Since my boyfriend won't appriciate our room in flowers, I'd have to decorate a different room in that theme.

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

Ah-ha, you took my advice then! ;) heehee In all seriousness, though, you made quite an impression on me, I must say. I haven't been able to stop thinking about your words. But I have this really good feeling that you are going to come out on top!!

And, hey, that's what a guest room is for! :) Guys get man caves; we get shabby chic rooms! I finally got ours set up very shabby chic (but mostly light blues and greens), and then it got taken over by wedding stuff! I hope to get it back in order soon and also incorporate my arts and crafts in there...a pretty room to inspire me!

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