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Friday, January 28, 2011

Ch-ch-ch-changes! Wall color, 'bout you?

Lately, I keep having these uncontrollable urges to redecorate things!! KameraWhore and I have MANY things in common, and she'll attest that this is definitely one of them.

It happens every so often with me...when I lived by myself, it seemed to happen about every six months, requiring me to repaint my walls. To my credit, I haven't changed my mind on a paint color in our house in about four or five years! So it's past time for a change!! I think I want to repaint our living room. I posted a pic of my former bedroom is our living room. 

Not as girly as you were expecting, huh!

If I can't have pink, red's the next best thing! :) But in a small room, the red can sometimes seem dark, and with spring hopefully on its way, I think I'd like something fresher, brighter, but without having to change anything else except the wall color. The dining room is pea pod green, and the master bedroom is light cerulean blue, so those two colors are out...but I want the rooms to flow together still. I want to be able to decorate for Christmas in traditional red and green, so even though that's one small part of the year, I wanna keep that in mind. So what I keep going back to is khaki. I usually prefer lots of color to neutrals, but I can still have pops of color around the room in other ways. Hmm. I know this isn't a decorating blog, but I know some of you out there have some talent! What do you think?

I've also been debating for a while whether or not I want to get bangs again. I know, HUGE life decision here... I think I wanna get bangs that I can change up...they could be side-swept, straight across, or Bettie Page depending on how I feel on any given day! Here's a couple pics of me when I had them, as well as one of Kamalama with bangs and one of our fave singers, Langhorne Slim. 

Look at my pretty baby girl!!

Oh, how I want to make a crude joke here about getting "bangs."

In the second one, you can just see hints of color from when the underside of my hair was fuchsia. I've also done hot pink and purple on the underside. My hair has been every "typical" color as well, even blonde! I think I want to stick with brunette for a while longer, though. Oh, and this is my FAVORITE hairstyle Kam has ever had.

I shouldn't give any opinions on the new (to America) show "Skins," because I haven't watched it and probably won't...but at the risk of sounding like a prudish 30-year-OOOLLLLD lady ;), just from what I've seen in the preview, the show would probably scare me out of having a child this day in age! lol Is this really what goes on?! I'm perfectly fine with adults doing "things" on TV, but they're so young. Anyway, the thing that stuck out to me watching the preview (aside from the obvious content of the show, ahem!) was this one girl's HAIR!! I love it! I am getting my hair cut this weekend and am having to talk myself out of getting it all chopped off like this. I've had my hair shorter than that before and loved it. But that length would just end up looking, on me, like that awkward "I'm growing my hair out" stage. I've been there; I know. Don't let me do it!!

Ironically, I think I look younger without bangs than with. I'm pretty sure I wanna get the bangs, though. Yes? No? HELP!!!!! Aaaaahhhh!!!

And, finally, I'm considering redoing the layout of the blog. You have NO IDEA how long Kam and I pored over various blog layouts before we finally settled on this one!! I love it and think it's really cute, but for some reason, I just keep thinking I want to change it (which some of you agreed with in our survey - you can still take it here if you like, which we'd appreciate so very much!).

Which reminds me, if you have a Blogger blog and haven't yet set it up for mobile viewers, oooh, please go do that!! It makes viewing and commenting on them on smart phones a lot easier! Go here: - then go to Settings - then click on Email & Mobile - then click Yes for "Show Mobile Template."

Anyway, I'm probably just bored from the winter blahs, but I think some ch-ch-ch-changes will do me some good! :) 

I think this is why I love makeup so much!! It's not permanent, and you can do it totally different every single day to keep you from getting bored.

What are you considering changing as spring approaches? Your hair color? Your city? Your style? The way you perceive yourself?

And what do you think are your reasons behind changing - something deep-seated and profound or just boredom?


20 York Street said...

Just so I sound a little bit more intellectual than I really am.. I'm gonna go with deep-seated reasons of wanting to spring for change! Seriously though, I need to be able to have a stronger perception of me!

Can't wait to see all the make-overs lovelies!

Stay Happy and Positive!




Ashley said...

Okay, I love your living room the way it is, but I understand the need for a change! I think a warm neutral would be a nice change, and a challenge to decorate (and I think you're definitely up to that challenge). That way, you can change out pillows, throws, and other accessories as the seasons change for a whole new look.

Secondly, I think you look really good with bangs, so you should go for it!

Thanks for the tip off about the mobile layout thing. I didn't know about it at all, but I'm going to look into it. I view my own blog on my phone and it's pure hell right now.

I'm not sure what I'm changing this spring, but I'm up for about anything! I already changed my hair (check)...changed my "life" situation by graduating college (check)...I suppose I'd just like to try as many new things as possible, and really pour my heart and soul into them to get the best results possible.

My comments are always really wordy. Hope you don't mind! Have a fab weekend!

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

20, I'm surprised that you don't already! But, of course, I understand. It's a very worthy goal and something I'm sure you'll be able to change to something as positive as you deserve! :)

Ashley, thanks so much for offering your opinions!! I know you have good taste, so I like hearing 'em. I am the LAST person who could possibly mind long comments. haha I'm usually prone to them too and enjoy reading them from other people! They mean the person really took the time to think about their response and cared a lot about what they were saying. And I really like your go-getter attitude!

So...I did get bangs yesterday! No pics yet...but hopefully soon. I think it was just the change I needed! So 2 out of 3 this weekend ain't bad.

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