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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Summer is moving into fall...

I stayed in a jeans 'n tee rut for a long time and then suddenly couldn't get enough of pretty dresses! As long as I can find one that's comfortable AND cute, girly, and preferably inexpensive, I can almost live in dresses now. As you may have seen in my tweets, I got this adorable, sunny yellow dress from Ross last night...for a whopping $6.99!!! As are most stores, they are filtering out summer clothing in favor of almost exclusively black, gray, and brown, and while I do wear a lot of those colors in the fall, nothing beats a burst of color! This dress jumped out at me when I saw the bright color and crochet detailing. It's really soft. The only [easily correctable] problem is that the skirt, even being two layers, is completely see-through, so I'm wearing a slip for the first time in that belonged to my mama, in fact. (FYI, my lipstick is Centrifuchsia by Lime Crime.)

I decided to pair my dress with my good ole tall fall boots (faux leather). Actually, they were a Ross purchase as well, last fall, and I think they cost me 20 bucks. Can't beat that. It's still over 90 degrees outside, but flats seemed like they'd make the outfit a little TOO girly, and I thought the boots would give it a nice balance. Plus, it's almost boot season, and I just couldn't wait! I think the color of this dress works equally well in summer and's yellow like the sunshine but also like the changing leaves.

One thing I LOVE about fall (besides the fact that it's not sweltering outside) is that you can still wear all your favorite spring and summer dresses in cooler weather by LAYERING. Tights, boots, cardigans, scarves, hats, jewelry, you name can add all those things to your thin, floral dresses and make a whole new outfit that's warm enough without giving up your favorite things. I always miss summer as it's on its way out, which is kind of where I'm at right now. I love being at the beach, wearing shorts, wearing flip-flops. But I usually find that once I start the layering process in my outfits, suddenly fall becomes my new favorite season again. 

I had the pleasure of spending some time tonight with my friends who own the etsy store hippiebride! They're the lovelies who made my wedding "headpeace," as they call them (not the one shown here, but this one is for sale!!). I tried this one on since it looked so cute with the yellow dress. Check out their shop - they are REALLY talented and sweet, and they have even more pretty things for sale than what's shown online...veils, bracelets, earrings... They use lots of little vintage bits they've collected and make amazing collages that won't look like anything else you've seen!! You can really wear a one-of-a-kind piece that NO one else will ever have. AND they also make gorgeous, unique wedding dresses from vintage laces!! They are two best friends realizing their creative dreams together, which has been incredibly inspirational to KameraWhore and me. You may even see my face doing a bit of modeling for them in the near future, which I'm really excited about!

There is something so energizing about fall, don't you think? The new crispness in the air is sometimes just what I need to get me going on projects I've been putting off and doing more things outdoors! Now just have to wait for that crispness to come along...and it better come in time for the wedding! :)

What does fall mean for you? What are your favorite parts about it?


Sara Lynn said...

I love this pic of you standing in the flowers! What a great find & it fits you perfectly :)

Jenarcissist said...

Aw, thank you so much...that makes me feel better; for some reason, I was feeling kind of self-conscious about it after posting it. lol I love the dress so much but started wondering if it was a flattering cut for me. I feel like I look like a different person in every photo of me! It's a really strange phenomenon!

shybiker said...

This dress is adorable. I love yellow. And the headpiece is really cute.

Fall is a great time of year. The transition, the weather, the excuse to wear new clothes... :)

Ariel Grimm said...

LOVE this pic, you look so cute! The props are great too... Sorry I haven't been reading The Closet Narcissist lately, I got soo busy! keep up the good work, I love how the place is progressing. The new shop is cool, and reminds me of my favorite thrift store, the Lord's Closet. haha

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