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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Catchin' up - Avetts concert and bridal shower pics!

Okay, so by now, most of you probably know that I have been in the throes of wedding planning for a while now, and we are swiftly coming up on our big day!!! After today, only 10 more days to go, in fact - wow!!! I've missed blogging, though, and have been storing away ideas here and there for when life suddenly returns to normal and I actually have time to write consistently! :) For now, I thought I'd just catch you up to speed on a couple things we've been up to lately.

I did get to have a non-wedding event to celebrate - KameraWhore and I share a huge love of  The Avett Brothers and got to see them in concert!! It was purely magical...sigh. We bought our tickets months ago during the pre-sale and couldn't WAIT til it was finally here. One of their songs, "Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise," is sort of our anthem. We are just two girls trying to realize our dreams and make the changes we want in our lives without letting fear hold us back, and that's what that song is about. We really wanna take this "closet narcissist" project somewhere, and that song is so inspiring! Not to mention that, um, the bros are not hard to look at. ;) But more than that, DAMN, are they talented. They blew us away. Here are some pics from the concert! We had good seats too! Fans for life right here...

Pretty sure I wore the same expression when I was 8 going to my first New Kids on the Block concert! haha

And last weekend, KameraWhore threw me a bridal shower! The theme was pin-up, and we dressed to the nines and had a blast!! We painted and ironed indecent things onto undies ;) and played games and had fun with our friends. She's so good to me!!! She and her hubs, VainShane, are putting up with a lot right now since we're getting married in their backyard! Kam did all these photo edits, by the way.

Us being naughty 40s housewives. 

Yep, you guessed it...this gorgeous red lipstick is none other than Retrofuturist by LimeCrime. :) 

So you can see my hair better (you can click to enlarge if you like). Basically, all I did was watch YouTube videos (particularly this one by ilovegerardo) and hoped for the best! I've decided I really like it and wanna wear it more often! This style is actually REALLY easy to do. Kam's sis, Alana, did her hair and did a fabulous job!

Kam got her dress at Marshall's, I do believe. Mine was a gift from my might-as-well-be-sis-in-law, the awesome belt was my mama's, and the shoes came from TJ Maxx.

Hope to be back soon with some more posts I am itching to write!!!


shybiker said...

Great photos and stories. Thanks for sharing, buddy!

redumbrellachronicles said...

Loving these pics! So many real smiles and fun times - they made me smile too. Super cute outfits, loving the red belts!

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