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Monday, August 30, 2010

80s night...aww yeeeaahh

Hi, everyone!! We're still alive! As I mentioned in a tweet not too long ago, I've been insaaaaanely busy planning my upcoming October wedding. It's almost completely DIY, and there is tons to do! Being only six weeks out, things are gettin' a little crazy. But I got the invitations mailed out today, which was a huge process, so a weight has been lifted now that they are in the mail. Whew!!! My fiancĂ© and I are actually getting married at KameraWhore and VainShane's house! How awesome is that?! Their backyard has everything we were looking for...and it's FREE...and it's the home of some of the people I love most in the whole entire world! Couldn't get any better than that.

Okay, so what else have we been up to? Well, we had a birthday party to celebrate not only my 30th birthday but also VainShane's, whose birthday is only a few days after mine! He likes to remind me that I am older than him, so I just remind him that I am smarter. ;) If you don't know who VainShane is, I'm sure you at least gathered that he's Kam's husband, but he is also the guy who brings you Manity...where you can ask him any kinda random question you want to know about how guys think. (We'd love to have our first submission to this feature!)

Kam wanted to do an 80s theme for the night since we were born in 1980, and she made this awesome invitation with real pics of Shane 'n me as kids! 

We went out to eat with a group of friends at Joe's Crab Shack, which somehow fit the theme perfectly. Then we went skating at a good, old-fashioned skating rink! Ideal 80s pastime that I used to partake in quite often when I was a kid. What made it even more special was that it was the skating rink where my parents first it was truly where my story began...I might not have a birthday if not for that "chance" meeting when my dad saw my mom and offered to help her skate. :)

We went pretty all-out with our outfits for 80s night, and we thought y'all might enjoy seeing a few pics from the evening. Almost makes me want to dress like this everyday because you can't help but feel totally and completely fabulous!! 

Strike a pose! We forgot the "Walk Like an Egyptian" thing...oh, well.

Aren't those the most awesome leg warmers?!

Kam being her usual artsy photographer self on the playground and me posing completely unwillingly...

Jenarcissist and VainShane

Teal mascara = love.

Best shot we got of my eye It was so much brighter in person.


The cat shirt I am wearing is an authentic T-shirt I used to wear as a kid!! And Kam's shirt belonged to her dad and was even already cut at the neckline...chyeaahh. My tutu came from a funky thrift store (been looking for an excuse to buy a tutu for the longest time!). I've had my jellies forever and can't even remember now where I got them...I didn't buy them for 80s night; I wear them anyway! My leggings came from Delia's a couple years ago. Other accessories, like bracelets and leg warmers, came from Claire's and a local jewelry shop. I don't know where Kam got her skinny jeans, but they sure do look incredible on her!


I bought Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + foundation to use when I do my wedding makeup, and that evening was a pretty good test run for how well it holds up! I did use a primer first, but it held up very well, even with it being hot and sticky. I had also bought Urban Decay's All Nighter setting spray for the wedding (Kam calls it "hairspray for your face" - haha!), and I forgot to apply it the night of the party. But I can tell you that it definitely does work. I won't say it makes your makeup look 100% freshly applied after several hours, but with my oily skin and living in a hot and humid climate, it helps the staying power and keeps oil under control better. Both products together should make a winning combo for the wedding. Even without the spray, my makeup still looked pretty good after skating. Anyway, I also used Lime Crime's discontinued Pixie Dust HD powder (e.l.f. and Make Up For Ever also have versions), e.l.f. Complexion Perfection powder, hot pink Hot Topic eyeshadow for blush, e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit in Medium, Lime Crime lipstick in Great Pink Planet, e.l.f. Mineral Infused Mascara on top lashes, Lash Splash teal mascara on bottom lashes, and a plethora of eyeshadows (Milani in Runway White for highlighter, Milani in Enchantment - the purple, Maybelline Sea Glass duo - the teals, Pout duo in Miss Fiji - discontinued brand - the blues, and the Hot Topic hot pink shadow). 

Oh, and you can't really tell from these pics, but my hair was, of course, in a side ponytail.

We had a great time! As usual, my best friend made me feel incredibly special. :) 


shybiker said...

Great post! Super pictures.

I loved leg-warmers. Never had a pair but envied them on others.

It's so nice to see how busy and happy your life is. Thanks for sharing some of it.

Jenarcissist said...

They are coming back in style, my dear!!! :)

Same to you in return...I enjoy every minute of watching you grow happier and happier.

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