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Friday, February 19, 2010

Stupid Cookie

It's 10:00am, and I've been up for about thirty minutes. I woke up feeling a bit sexy as I walked around the house in my black bra and lacy, grey, boy-cut panties (E-Bug's not home, so it's just VS and me). I love my body in the morning. Is it just me, or have you ever noticed how much flatter your tummy can look after a long night's sleep? Everything just seems a bit smoother too. It's actually quite encouraging! However, my feel-good morning was short lived. After going into the kitchen for a hug from my baby and my morning coffee, I spotted the cookies I baked last night. Large, moist, double chocolate chip cookies. Ugh. Why couldn't I have averted my eyes? Looked the other way? Had some damn self-control? Instead, I picked up the largest one I could find and chowed down. Immediately, that feel-good feeling was gone. It's as if all the blubber in my mid-region was released, and gone was the flat and the smooth. It was one cookie, for goodness' sake; it would be impossible to see its immediate effects on my body, right? Oh, well, what's done is done, and now I'm sitting next to VS in one of his old, oversized T-shirts, watching Big Cat Diaries. Boy, oh boy, do I feel hot. Umm, no, not really. Stupid cookie.

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Jenarcissist said...

Kam is hot no matter what she eats or wears...enjoy your damn cookie and remember you're still super hot. ;)

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