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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vintage Fashion at Salvage Market!

This morning, I dragged went with my husband (and our daughter, of course) to an event called Salvage - a Modern Vintage Marketplace. Ah, how I love living in Atlanta during times like these! I'd been looking forward to it for weeks since I saw it online described as "a curated vintage show produced by the Indie Craft Experience. The event features clothing, decor, home goods, furniture, books and more!" We got there right at 11 am and still weren't one of the 100 lucky folks who got a free swag bag. I was bummed. I actually went up to a couple of people and asked what was in their bag because I wanted to know what I missed. :(

We walked around three or four times taking in all the booths and the ambiance in general. Many of you know how fond I am of vintage clothes and decor, so going to anything like this is like a candy store for me. I can't believe I actually had enough restraint to walk away with only one purchase (for my daughter's room - sweet deeries for my dearie!) and NO vintage dresses. There was one I really wanted too...a kelly green beauty with daisies all over it. I didn't get a picture, but it's just as well, or it would only serve to deepen my regret. I have so many vintage dresses and sometimes aspire to be one of those gals who dresses in a different vintage dress every day, yet I usually end up in some kind of jeans because it's more comfortable when I'm out walking with my baby strapped to me. See what I mean? I'd rather be wearing her, though, given the choice. :)

While I was very taken by much of the decor, what really got me was the fashion...and not just the clothing hanging on the racks but the ensembles the SHOPPERS and vendors were wearing! There were some really stylish people - a common sight in our city. It was definitely the land of vintage dresses paired with boots (or socks and sandals), colored tights, and cardigans. I started snapping pics of random people's outfits for my own inspiration and then thought, why not blog about it? As you know, putting together a unique outfit that makes you feel good IS one thing that can make you feel more confident, and that's what we're about here! I mostly took pics of people from behind so as not to freak them out...and if I were them, I'd HATE me for posting pics from that angle ;), but I didn't think people would appreciate their faces showing up on some stranger's blog for the world (the whole world does read this blog...right?) to see. I still had to disguise some people with sunglasses and mustaches so they could be incognito. hehe

So take a stroll through the Market with me, and see if you come up with any outfit inspiration! (Click any image to enlarge.)

(1) These two on the left looked so great in their mod dress and socks with sandals. The girl in the orange and yellow also had cute glasses. (2) Love how she paired a polkadot dress with an unexpected floral cardigan, and the boots bring it all together.

(1) Looks like a Shabby Chic brand skirt to me...ahhh! The way she put her outfit together keeps it from looking too prairie-ish but still soft and sweet. (2) I've been wanting to wear my jean jacket with something, and I love how she put it with a long skirt. So casual-chic and perfect for when you don't want to wear jeans but don't really want to dress up.
(1) The boots work perfectly with this dress. This is the booth with the dress I wanted too! (2) How cute are these girls? I LOVE how they layered. I might not have thought to put black leggings and a black lacy sweater over a dress like that, and it totally works!! Love the purple tights with the yellow dress too.

(1) This is one chic look...yellow stripey jersey dress, purple tights with black dots, and leopard print flats! YES! And the belt perfectly finishes the look. (2) Wish this were clearer and from the front...she had on a really cool vintagey headpiece and lovely shirt under the sweater. Also, her tattoos make me want more...I have three, but I want something that's visible more of the time!

Which outfit is your favorite? Describe how you think it would make you feel to wear it!