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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A "Pinny" for Your Thoughts?

Ahh...I am so punny with my use of pinny. I decided to do a search for us on Pinterest to see if anyone had pinned anything from our blog, minus repinning our pins (I guess this is the new "Googling yourself"?). There were a few, and one gave me a very nice surprise...our logo was pinned on a board called "Blogs I Read." Really made my night! Thanks, Tayla! :)

So I had to check out this person's boards - I mean, obviously, the gal has great taste. ;) She has a really fantastic board called "Real Beauty/ED", and I repinned several things from it into our Self-Love & Narcissism board because they were so uplifting and inspiring (and funny). Take a look at both boards for some stuff that will just make ya feel good!!

I also discovered she has a blog and an etsy store. Okay, now I know I sound like I'm stalking her. hehe Her blog is about her road to recovery from anorexia and learning to accept herself. And she has amazing, beautiful paintings that inspire self-love in her shop. So ya know I had to share!

from - isn't this so pretty?
After looking at these boards, which "pin" are you going to print out and tape to your bathroom mirror??