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Friday, May 20, 2011

We found out what we're having!!!!!

Every time I word it like that, it reminds me of how my husband always answers people’s “do you know what you’re having yet?” with, "Uh, yeah...we're having a baby." haha

And I guess the picture sorta gives it away before you even click on the post. ;)

We went to our second ultrasound today, and I have been so anxious to find out if we were having a boy or girl that I thought today would never get here. I was dying to know so we could really lay out some names (don't ask me; sorry, but I am keeping mum on names!) and know how to plan the room and all that stuff. Most importantly, the baby is healthy, and everything looks good. But I was hoping above all hope that the baby would let us take a peek too...I've heard of people having to go three and four times before their little one would uncross its legs! But that did not happen! She was not shy at all and let us see quite clearly from two different angles. :) The funniest part was they kept trying to get a profile view of her face, but she kept insisting on looking straight into the "camera." I didn't wanna say this in front of the ultrasound tech, but I thought to myself, "Haha, she's just like her mother!!!" Not camera-shy at all, heehee. My husband said later he thought the same thing. We did eventually get the profile, and of course, I think she's just beautiful. We also got some really sweet ones of her little fingers and toes...I can't wait to kiss 'em!

All my life, I've known I would have a daughter. But once I got pregnant, I was hesitant to say I knew knew, just in case. Little boys are's just that I always thought I'd have a girl for whatever reason. Turns out my instinct was right. I am beyond excited!!! Now I'm itching to start getting the room ready. But we're planning on selling our house because we need more space, so I guess it'll have to wait a bit. 

I don't believe in forcing gender stereotypes on children. I've said it a hundred times before, but I believe the best gift a parent can give their child is to let them be themselves, whatever that means. But while the baby is little and I'll be the one mostly enjoying her surroundings, I'm goin' all out with the pink and Shabby Chic, baby!!! Once she's older, she can of course have her own input, but for now, I'm going wild. Y'all have seen a pic of my old bedroom from before my husband and I bought our house, and my whole house was like I have scads of pretties to pull out of storage that I'll get to use again. :)

I just can't believe this is really happening!! If all my horrible sickness didn't make it real enough, this sure does. I hope that I can help instill a strong sense of self in my daughter and always show her how amazing she is. I hope she can be confident and understand her worth. One thing I know is that she will never have to doubt whether she is loved!