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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Preg update + new wedges + Twilight

Hi, everyone...just checking in with you because it's been a while! 
I won't look anything like this in mine...oh, well. ;) Romper from
I got two vintage maternity dresses on etsy recently, and Kam took pics of me in them on Sat. I'm going to blog about them soon with pictures; I really love them. I also have this maternity ROMPER on its way to me in the mail that one of the kiddo’s grammas got for me...I am really excited about it!! I was just thinking the other day that I was sad I couldn't wear my one romper this summer, and then she told me to pick something out online, and I found it. I think about blogging a lot and can't seem to find the energy or words...even coming up with something to tweet feels like a lot of effort lately, and good grief, it’s not that hard to fill 140 characters. But hopefully the new clothes will inspire me. 
Elliana wedge from Target
I also got these wedges from Target last night to go with the romper when it comes; they look a bit similar to the model's. Sometimes I feel like the only girl in the world who has never been able to adjust to wearing heels or wedges. I simply love them, but I can't stand to wear them for very long at a time, and I'm an extremely girly girl who ought to be able to stand them, it seems like. Is it just something you have to get used to? But dammit, they all hurt! Most of the time, it's just not worth it to me to bother. Anyway, these felt incredibly comfy while I tested them out at the store, but today, not so much. Maybe it's just me. I do think they're great, and I at least don't have any balance problems in them like I usually do. lol Balance issues are not the kind of thing you want to mess around with while pregnant. I figure I'll try to enjoy these as much as possible before my feet are too swollen from pregnancy to fit into anything but flip-flops...

I finally stopped feeling sick 24-7 maybe 3 weeks ago, but the exhaustion still hasn't gone away. There is some elusive, magical 2nd trimester energy that people keep promising is coming, but I'm well into my 2nd now and feel like I'm just getting more tired! I could lay my head down anywhere and fall asleep. I'm trying to enjoy the need for relaxing and the excuse to be able to do it, because I will probably never have quite the same chance again after the baby comes!! When all I want to do is lie down all the time, books and Netflix are my saving grace. I can get pretty worked up emotionally from all the pregnancy hormones and completely freak myself out about raising a child, so it helps to have stories to suck me in and distract me for a while, and then I feel normal again! 

Which brings me to this: I have a confession. I have a newfound Twilight obsession, which has grown to weird and disgusting proportions, haha, and I have managed to finish almost the entire saga of books in just over two weeks during nights and weekends...and these are not short books. I’m literally a few pages from finishing and will probably have to start all over when I’m done. I've watched the movies several times by now as well; this whole thing started out by watching the first movie and then deciding I had to read the books too, which is backwards to how I usually do things. I don't know why it took me so long to get in on this phenomenon, but I certainly never believed "it would happen to me." Rob Pattinson is my new crush! Swoon. I may be happily married and pregnant, but I ain’t dead or blind! If you’re Team Jacob, stay the hell off our blog – just kidding. ;)

In case you didn't know, he's also a really talented singer. Do a YouTube search.
Pregnancy does the most bizarre things to you and can seriously make you feel like you have zero control over anything anymore. It's hard! But, today I got to hear the baby's heartbeat again, and I promise you, there is no more reassuring and comforting sound in the entire world than that. It is a love that I can’t even explain in words…it is almost frightening to love someone this much. But when I hear the heartbeat, nothing else exists in the world…not fear, not worry, only love. :)