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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take THAT, rainy week!!

What do you wear when you're tired of it raining all blasted week long? You put together a super bright and colorful outfit and then make a face at the weather. Nevermind the fact that the sun finally started coming out just before my dad took the picture, lol. This outfit looks more like spring than fall (my white tights laugh in the face of the after-Labor-Day rule), but my fall wedding looked just like spring too! Ha! It doesn't look as bright in the pic as in person...I got some fairly odd looks while out and about.

(Dress and boots from Forever 21; "Sometimes it's OK to be a quitter" tee from Delia's.)


Shybiker said...

Great face!

tinyjunco said...

pffft - i know what you mean, we've had a lot of gloomy type days here recently. i think you're reacting in the only reasonable way! rad outfit and great pose!! steph

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