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Thursday, July 1, 2010

An interview with the Narcissisters!

Proof that we've been friends for a loooong time. ;) This is us at summer camp when we were about 16!


A little interview with us has been featured on a fellow girly/beauty blogger's blog (which has an underlying purpose like ours, though different). Thank you, Elle, for featuring us!!  

Be sure to check out her blog:

We hope y'all will follow our blog and add us on Facebook and Twitter! :) 

  1. What is your first name? Jenarcissist and KameraWhore (our blog is a partnership effort) - we're the Narcissisters! :) Obviously, these are plays on our names, Jen and Kam.
  2. How old are you? 29 and 30
  3. What your blog is about? is our web site, and our blog is where we let loose. "the closet narcissist" is the place where self-love is celebrated! We talk about inner and outer beauty, makeup, product reviews, fashion, and anything girly, but the underlying point of it all is to make our readers think about what makes them awesome and have fun doing it!
  4. What do you want to accomplish in your blog? See #3. ;) Being a "closet narcissist," by our definition, is a tongue-in-cheek, fun way to celebrate yourself and what makes you special...and not apologize for it! We hope to build a following that will create a ripple system of encouragement and confidence. We want to make you think, make you question...but also make you smile. We'd also love to get submissions to Manity, which is where you can ask questions to a guy (VainShane, who happens to be KameraWhore's husband) and get real and honest answers. Yep...we're just full of wordplays!
  5. What are your hobbies? Anything artsy fartsy and creative. We love drawing, painting, music, photography, decorating, graphic design, makeup, etc...we just like making pretty things. We are also addicted to our iPhones; we got them at the same time. And we love supernatural stuff and animals.
  6. What STATE do you live in? Georgia
  7. Do you have a Social Networking site you want myself or others to check out & follow?,, and (message board)
  8. Who or what inspires you the most? Each other! We've been friends since we were about 12, and we work off each other's creative energy really well and try to inspire and encourage each other all the time. We also have an amazing network of family and friends who've helped us become the fabulous gals we are. ;)
  9. Link to your blog.
  10. Do you follow edk.dolce? Yep!
  11. What's one thing not mentioned above you wanna share?? In the near future, we're gonna be doing a Lime Crime Makeup giveaway stay tuned!!


Ariel Grimm said...

you two rock!

Nicki said...

Cute interview =).

Jenarcissist said...

Thanks, y'all! :)

libys11 said...

congrats on the interview!!! :D awesome!

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