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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy birthday to meeee!!

I've been so focused on the birthday coming up in October (when our baby will be born) that I hadn't given a whole lot of thought to my own birthday this year...other than to not-so-subtly hint around that I wanted something Twilight-related since today is the anniversary of Edward and Bella's wedding. lol I didn't think anyone had taken me too seriously; I mean, there is the fact that I'm turning 31...

But my hubby, wonderful guy that he is, listened to my cries - and this is what I woke up to near the bed this morning. I'm surprised it didn't scare me, but after all, I guess most girls are happy to find a vampire at the foot of their bed? Who has the best husband ever - >THIS GIRL!<

You know how much weirdo fun I have with the Rob iPhone apps where you can put him in pictures with you, but this is way more fun!! I can actually take him places and freak people out! If you've ever heard of Flat Stanley, this is my version!  

I've already decided we can legally travel in the HOV lane. And I think he will make a very comforting fixture in the nursery (okay, I'm kidding about that one). We are trying to sell our house, and I think Rob makes a great welcoming committee right when people walk in the door, don't ya think??

Oh, Rob, wherever will you go next...stay tuned!! ;)

And here's a funny video of one of our dogs barking at Rob while another one stands next to him like, "What's the big deal?"