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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pleez vote for meez in this e.l.f. contest! :) (by 6/21)

If you're so inclined, I would love your vote! :) This is for e.l.f.'s "Get the Look" contest where the winner's look will be featured on their site for 6 months. 

I am posting the larger picture here because you can't see it very well on their site. I did a more natural look, which is actually kinda uncommon for me because I'm typically into brighter colors. I took about 20 pics, and it was at night, so this was the best one I could get, and hopefully you can see it well enough now. You should be able to click it to enlarge it here. When you look at it in their gallery, you can see which products I used.


Here's the link: 

Thanks in advance! ;)


Nicki said...

You've got my vote chicky =). I'm with you on the bright colours front, but every now and then a natural look is nice to switch things up!

Speaking of which, I just put in a huuuuge order for Lime Crime last night to pick up some of the soon-to-be-discontinued colours... My Visa is going to hate me, haha!

PoorCollegeStudent said...

I love your nail polish; what is it?

Jenarcissist said...

The nail polish is one of their new spring colors in Smoky Brown - it's awesome! All 5 of the spring colors rock.

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