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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Outfit of the Day + Kiss Me Deadly Contest Entry

She is Sara inspired yet another of my outfits. :) I'd been needing inspiration for wearing T-shirts with the multitude of unworn skirts hanging in my closet. For a long time, just about all I wore was some kind of tee with jeans (granted, I at least made them cute tees and good jeans). I got tired of that, go figure, and started trying to dress up more, but now I'm trying to reuse my tees and just pair them with different things, like skirts. I think I'd been overthinking it and just needed to stick a couple different things together and see how it turned out without worrying about being too matchy. One of her recent posts kinda got me thinking again, so this outfit is what I wore yesterday. You may recognize the skirt as the one in a former post of ours where I wore it as a shirt...also inspired by She is Sara! ;) 

Hubby took these pics of me in our nighttime, there aren't a lot of decent places to take pictures inside because of lighting, so we made the most of what we had! The light fixtures, well, they couldn't really be helped too much. (And, I must say, I think his photography skills are improving after only six years of being with me!) I tried to play around with different, more flattering poses. I typically shy away from shots that are taken straight-on or from below; it seems more flattering to me when they're taken just slightly angled downward from the top of your head (can make you look thinner). But I decided to have him try it out from below for these shots, and I think it works when it's done right and when you're posed better. The first pic is what I actually wore during the day, and the second one is to show how it looks more casual. I'm not trying to make a statement with the last photo so much as it just coincidentally came out looking like I was posing like a superhero, so I ran with it. lol I think I need to start wearing other shoes besides these beloved boots! 

And here is my entry for Lime Crime's Kiss Me Deadly: Recreate-a-Look contest! If you hurry, you can still enter through tonight! Go here for details.

(You can click to enlarge all the photos. Blogger is condensing them to make them fit into the space, so they look a bit distorted here until you click on them. I have not edited them to make myself look thinner! lol)

Oh! And one more, just because it's funny. It's an accidental shot hubs took that I thought actually came out kinda artistic...Mom's feet and beagle child's feet (and butt!!). haha I love it!!


Shybiker said...

Hurray!! Pretty outfit-post! I hope you'll do more of 'em. You're so cute you owe it to the world!

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

What a nice thing to hear!! Well, I wouldn't want to rob the world, now, would I? heehee j/k Seriously...thank you. You know better than most how I've been trying to inject more creativity into my outfits, so I certainly appreciate the input! Having a blog does sort of naturally make you want to put in more effort!

tinyjunco said...

i'm late to the party here, but just had to chime in - great casual outfit (i love dinos too!) and really cute dog-butt! & you look so good sitting on the stairs! just relaxed, shows off your figure, fits a casual vibe.....could get to be a little trademark for you! have fun! steph

Maja said...

I entered the Kiss Me Deadly contest as well. I love how bright your colours are! :)

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