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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Girrrllll, you so cray-cray!!

Ah, cracks me up every time I say it!!

Thanks to a recent blog post by She is Sara (very cute blog by a very cute gal), I was reminded of how I have worn skirts as shirts in the past. What fun! How did I forget? So I tried on a couple different options, and here is what I ended up with.

The one on the left is a simple, asymmetric cotton skirt I bought at Wal-Mart back when they briefly had those cardboard stands that held all kinds of cotton wardrobe staples by Seeds - tees, tanks, skirts, wraps, even dresses. They didn't last long in the stores, and I'm not sure why. They were around $4 - $7 a pop, good quality, and easy to fit into an outfit. Sad. :( Anyway, I decided to try a Shop the Look necklace with a belt!! I am all KINDS of cray-cray today! The necklace ties with a long ribbon, so it's adjustable around the waist.

The one on the right is a light blue- and white-striped skirt that I think originally came from Aeropostale or American Eagle or one of those A-name stores in the mall...but it came to me by way of a friend of a friend who was giving away a bunch of clothes that, thank you, God, fit me! I paired it with an old faux patent red belt of my mom's, cropped jeans from Delia's, and brown faux leather ballet flats from Target. 

Same cardi in both came from Old Navy many, many moons ago. The arm pose...well, that seems to have ended up as my signature pose for some odd reason, and it's always the same arm. lol I'd definitely recommend a belt with any skirt-shirt to give you definition and corral the extra material.


On another topic, can I just take a moment to say how much I love and adore my partner-in-crime, KameraWhore?? I love how similar our ideas can be, to the point where we're literally thinking of the same thing at the same time...but then in other ways we are different enough to complement each other so beautifully. We were just talking today about how she loooves research + development, spending hours looking into something, really delving into the biz end of things...while I get overwhelmed by it and don't enjoy that part as much. That is how I know we will grow the closet narcissist into a successful biz one day...we not only have the dream and the drive, but we also have each other, and together, we will strike the best balance because we feed off each other's creative energy and fill in each other's "gaps." We have big dreams in the works for this project, ya know. :) While you may not see Kam quite as much online as you see me, she is coming up with all sorts of wonderful ideas behind the scenes, and it's gonna knock your socks off once we're really rollin'!! :)


Luna said...

Cute Outfits!!! =)

Nicki said...

Cute look! I've never actually tried a skirt as a shirt but I may have to now =). And good luck with any ventures you guys take, I'm rootin' for you and keeping my fingers crossed!

KameraWhore said...

Thank you Nicki! I am very excited about the year ahead! Jen, you know I love you mucho grande too! Regarding the post, I bought a romper yesterday and will have to share it with our friends! Will I ever leave the house in it? Who knows! But I'll definitely enjoy rompin' around the house in it :)!

Sara Lynn said...

I love it! You look wonderful in both! lol I really am happy that I inspired someone to be creative :)

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